lørdag 17. november 2018

No. 2: Smyrna Oslo has become the Oslo Bible Teaching Center!

No. 2: 
Smyrna Oslo has become the Oslo Bible Teaching Center!
 Fax smiles of our "new" website.

 We do this for several reasons. First of all, we have become the leading website for Bible teaching here in Norway, so it's important to have a name that really shows what we stand for.As well as through the Christianity as the evil trinity, which has persecuted me and my family. Then the Smyrna name has become a burden when it excites a fake Smyrna church driven to the evil trinity.Who is this evil trinity, who is both allowed to operate freely online and allowed to write everything they want about me and my family without the police or the Christians understanding or wanting to understand what's going on.It is Ansgar Braut which is his fictional name. Sometimes he comes from Vest Agder or South Rogaland of what he writes, this is a slight matter for the police. But they have allowed him to chase and hold on for the last 5 years freely!It is Torodd Fuglesteg (picture), which is VG celebrity and lives in the UK.

As well as the leader of this evil trinity, narreapostel Jan Aage Torp (pictured). He lives in horror, which is the very reason for the hatred and prosecution of Christians against me and my family when I have pointed out that as a reprieve he is unworthy to be shepherd and apostle. It is my view and my preaching against repentance that underlies this very persecution!

Stand with us in faith, prayer and ecumenical support dear friends!We are also blacklisted by collection control that drives a game against us along with many others. Therefore, it is perceived to be correct.

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