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No. 1: What really lies behind Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart's fall, cruel and downward spiral !?

No. 1: 
What really lies behind Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart's fall, cruel and downward spiral !?
 Frances and Jimmy Lee Swaggart, and Berit Christensen.Photo: Jan Kåre Christensen.


Room. 15 4 For all that is written is written unto us, that we may have hope for the patience and comfort of the scriptures.1 Cor. 10. 6 But these things happened to us, that we should not want evil, as they desired.Heb. 13. 7 Remember your supervisors who have spoken the word of God to you! pay attention to the end of their journey, and then follow their faith!The first time I realized Jimmy Swaggart was as far as I can recall, it was in 1984. Actually since then I have followed him and his service. At the beginning when I was young, he had to have many ways as a model for me.Swaggart really had "all". He preached the word clearly, taught enriching and singing wonderfully, more than any other preacher in many ways.But unfortunately, it started going downhill for Jimmy Swaggart.The first time I realized this is back in a campaign he had in 1987 on August 87, Crusade at Long Island, New York, USA. August 1987 at Long Island, NY Crusade at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Saturday night, Jimmy Swaggart was revealed for the first time as far as I know.You enter from 25 minutes to 29 minutes and you bring everything.Long Island Assembly of Good Pastor Gary Strut was what made this.Have written something about this here, if I see that I'm breaking in one day. Island Assembly of Good Pastor Gary Strut was what made this.He had a dream where he realized that it was Jimmy Swaggart who needed guidance, not that he should guide everyone else. When he confronted Swaggart with this, Swaggart was not enough man to acknowledge his sin.He stood up half a year later, revealed to the whole world and this was also sent all over the world on all channels. Even here in Norway, this was sent to NRK. know that Jimmy Swaggart "hit" back again senters too. On October 11, 1991, Jimmy Swaggart was found in conjunction with a prostitute for a second time.How could this happen and what was the reason? Of course, it is the sin that lives in the hearts of all of us who come forward. But why did this happen to Jimmy Swaggart? Think I would like to mention 3 reasons.1.) He would not subordinate to authority.2.) He was too "active" in the service.3.) Had too many "yes" people around. We all need some "no" people who can also tell us the truth and press our weaknesses and shortcomings.1.) When he fell into sin, he would not undermine the rules that the Assembly of God had. This resulted in a further fall and misleading the fact that he has received a "new" theory of 2 Cross.2.) Swaggart has never had the ability and willingness to calm down and put the Lord first and silence with God.3.) There is no doubt that Swaggart, unfortunately, has not been able and willing to accept advice and advocacy. It testifies not least of his new teachings about the 2 Cross.

Final Comment:Have much more to say about this matter. But here I have documented that, like King David, visited the Prophet Nathan, Swaggart has also received people who have come to him, if possible, to propagate him to true repentance.Unfortunately, Swaggart seems to be still in a "mode" of not repenting yet to the Lord.It testifies his new teachings about where he believes he has received a "new" revelation of an additional cross. That is nothing but foreign learning!As a result, a divorce among us creates believers who are not healthy or biblical.This is Jimmy Swaggart today, a man who is spared in many ways. There he has a wonderful and liberating song of praise. But at the same time doing foreign learning!

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